archive of my work as an aspiring graphic designer throughout college
kerning pairs

pictorial symbol design: create a chick out of circles. extreme and simplified

paper and printing process: folding cd booklet

illustration techniques: poetry in the metro collage with given objects (octopus, ice cream come, balloons)

exploration in type: letterhead, enveloppe, sticker, business card, and invitation

Exploration in Design: book cover projects 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3

1.1: using photography, create a book cover with the given word that is direct and indirect

1.2: create a book cover that describe the given words in an abstract form

1.3: with a given pictogram, design two book covers to represent a pair of words

ljoedaily logo

ljoedaily launch layout

osl logofolio part two

osl logofolio… work in progress, will add on as i create

Heart designs for osl… probably won’t use them though orz